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Originally Posted by SebSter
Dude, get one thing right. Racism and judging specific groups for their actions are two different things. *If* I were to say all the Muslim people that are attacking embassies around the world are idiots, that is completely different than if I were to say that Muslims are all idiots.
Well, many on the thread were in fact judging muslims based on the actions of a few, and that is who I was referring to. Need examples?

Originally Posted by bmw_7
Do muslims, ever slightly realize what the rest of the world thinks of them? What are they thinking of them now?
Originally Posted by bmwm5lover
Muslim= Most ****ed up religion. Blindl, ignorant followers, messed up techings, barbaric, unacceptable.

Originally Posted by felixthecat
Jeez U.S..nuke the whole middle east into a parking lot and get it over with
If those comments aren't racist, then I really don't know what is.
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