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I hate to agree with the commie but he is right...China has been building a huge presence in the global gold market,with about 600 tons of gold in hand they are below Japan,USA and Europe in safe value gold holdings which average 1000 tons..with current market of 1900 tons on todays's available market China probably will buy most of the remaining inventory and drive gold prices over the $800 per once ceiling which will certainly hurt the US greenbacks..since China value the euro more than the greenbacks this will put huge pressure on the US dollar to justified its strength.You cannot destroy US by military pressure so you go thru the back and destroy their economy,just like what the US did to USSR and tried to do to China and failed.

Iran probably does have the "bomb",mostly the dirty bomb or the suitcase variety..remember Mosaid even warned the US that the likely hood of a small nuke been smuggled into the US is high prioity,russian scientist perfected the "mini nuke" in the late 1980's,and all acounts approimately %15 of the scientist that was part of the program are "missing"..unaccounted for and location have a happy day and enjoy your timmies.

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