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Hey man, just because you've got a bad E36 and it doesn't mean all the e36s are shit. We all know that the fact is E36s were built druing 92-98. Any 10years old car (if it was built in 98..) needs owner to take care of it. I've owned two e36s so far, and the money I've spent on both of them were no more than $3500, winter tires fees inclueded.
When BMW fist introduced E36, the feedback from the market was so well and as a matter of fact, even in today's automotive marketing, you can still see E36s very often.

Well, after all, I just wana say sorry about your bad experiences with your E36. But don't blame all the E36s because of that. It's just not FAIR. Especially for those who owns good conditioning E36s.
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