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Rolled the car around for some more work last weekend... Lots more progress.

The mockup engine makes another appearance. Bolted up to the e30 318i trans, it was hoisted and dropped into the 02s engine bay.

Forgot to take a pic of the engine sitting in the engine bay.

When underneath, progress took off. Chopped a few pieces of metal, and with the help of dad and the welder, got a transmission brace fabbed up. We recycled my old infamous solid transmission mounts from my e30, and lined everything up.

Driveshaft was also fabbed up, made from a hodge-podge of BMW driveshafts, no pics of that either.

Still have to attend to shift linkage, axle halfshafts, and flywheel/clutch/starter assembly and the main bits of the driveline will be figured out.

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