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After all the strong reviews, I purchased a set of 205/45R17 V12 Evos for my 911, to replace 205/50R15 Yoki s.drives (I know the diameter is different, the Yokis were small).

I must say I'm quite disappointed. I have yet to play with tire pressures due to the late-season switch, but the v12s seem to have very squishy sidewalls (I can feel the sway in the tires if I change lanes) while transmitting more road noise and harshness than the Yokis.

If I change the tires on the new BMW, I will likely try the Sumitomo HTR ZIII. I've always had excellent luck with Dunlop summer tires, and the Sumitomo has the same engineering - only in the North America and UK is it the Dunlop's poorer cousin.
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