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Actually... What pushed me over the edge was looking for an oil filter housing from an S14. I had no idea that stuff had jumped over 300% of its value from just a few years ago... so the cost for JUST the oil cooler system ended up being more expensive than an entire engine swap! Considering I just want to drive the damn car this year, the cheapest route is the best route (for now).

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Is there a single carb M10 in there now?
I initially took the carb junk off for a fuel injection setup from an 84-85 318, in anticipation of the using the intake manifold as a base for the Turbo setup which is now currently on hold.

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...or a set of dual webers...wait, that's it! now that would be
Funny thing, my Dad said that as a joke to put dual sidedrafts on it... thing is, he doesn't joke. So umm... wtfbbq? lol

For the time being, I'm going to leave it stock. I just want to drive!!!

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Rudy I think you're the biggest purist here. If it flies with you, who are we to question :p

Should be great!
Hmm... true! If I end up doing this swap, I'll have two cars with engine swaps from other chassis'! Damn, never thought I'd see that coming! Good part is, at least its from the same manufacturer... I haven't sold out to the popular LSx swap club yet

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