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Red face Sooo, i got a 1997 540i/6! :) Tips!?

I'm movin over to the 5series now! I'm gonna be putting my 18's on the back, 245's up front, and 265's in the rear. Its got euro tails. I believe its titanium silver/blue. It's an american import and has like 120miles on it, hardly a spec of rust. I bought it as is but it'll certify as it sits in my driveway once i change the tires. When i saw it first there was a tick in the passenger side valvetrain, so i slept on it, did my research, came back the next day and bought it! I picked up some seafoam, put half in the crankcase and half in the gas as it had been sitting in a private garage for 2yrs. By the time i got home the tick was gone I'm thinking it was a sticky lifter, and i need to replace the valve cover gasket on that side. Also the oil pan gasket, i'll do that when i do the oil change though. I know a fair bit about my m50 but the m62b44 is a whole different thing to me. non-vanos, real torque, 2 more cylinders and V vs. I block. Oh and....*drum roll* 6SPEED
I noticed the exhaust is kinda funky lol, wierd y resonator and muffler design. I wanna get more performance without being too loud at this point. So i'm thinking chip, exhaust (almost stock volume), and maybe 3.15 diff. This'll all be done over the next few months, as i'm currently quite happy with performance and ride.
First drive home i averaged 8L/100km! richmond hill-mosport area.
Anyways, let me know guys what you like to do with ur e39
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