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Hey Jay,

I was ready for a nasty reply but .... I am not here to bust your balls, we all sometimes post a quick reply without really thinking through.

I will say a couple of things for the record.

1. This all started by SpudBoy insisting that nothing but any "M" BMW will do.
I disagreed with him and tried to explain that the current non-M Bimmers have come a long way in performance (acceleration & handling). As a result, the difference between older "M" and current non-M Bimmers in performance is negligible.
The only way to prove my point was to compare cars' specs and their respective acceleration numbers.

If I was truly obsessed with acceleration numbers and nothing else as you insist, I would have bought a Mustang GT (5litres or Cobra) for half the price of a 328/330. I know that there is A LOT more to a BMW than acceleration numbers .... I would not be owning my second one - same shape, same interior/exterior colours .... that should tell you something.

2. You are saying I never addressed the size and weight?

The following was copied from my last long reply (I fixed my typo about Bimmer weight):

"Curb weight:
M-Coupe '99: 3000 lbs [advantage M-copue but not even small back seats]
330Ci : 3450 lbs"

Of all the specs and numbers that I could have chosen about these cars, I only posted Engine rating and Weight.

3. You wrote: "I probably wouldn't buy one because it's simply too big and heavy ".
I am assuming you are talking about both 330 & G35 Coupe because they weigh more or less the same - 3450lbs.

We all know that today's cars have grown in size and weight, regardless if it is a Civic or Cadillac. But comparing E46 3-Series against today's cars, it is still considered as a COMPACT size car.

Granted, against your 15-year old E30 325 it may look big and heavy, but I wander what you think or what words you would use to describe the other cars in today's world that fall under a larger - MID-SIZE, FULL-SIZE, SUVs (large and small) categories.

And don't get me even started on SAFETY of E46 3-Series against much smaller cars that you seem to prefer.

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