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1) Yes, "2002 M coupe got same engine as E46 m3" ... That's what I said in my previous post - see the last paragraph.

2) "330 M Performance edition" gets faster 0.5 seconds acceleration because of two improvements:

a) Extra 10 hp
b) More aggressive gear ratios than standard 6-speed trans on 330.

3) 330's curb weight is around 3450 lbs, I made a typo in previous reply.

4) Considering E46 M3 is rated at 4.8 - 5.0 seconds and it has an extra 93 hps than M-Coupe, 5.1 seconds for 240hp M-Coupe (1999-2000) that Mystical saw is unlikely.

A more likely scenario is 5.1 seconds has been reported for a 315hp M-Coupe introduced in US for Year 2001 .... or someone from Europe was posting their numbers.

Need more proof? Take a look at this Top Gear magazine article about ALL BMW M Cars - these are European specs & cost. Scroll down to find the car #4 (1998 - 2002 M Coupe with 325bhp or 315hp). It is listed 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds; so 5.1 seconds for 0-60 makes sense.

5) I am not saying that a practical car is "better". I simply interpreted Ierrahh's post as someone who wants more power but does not want to give up a bit of practicality because he was planning to test drive a G35 Coupe (with back seats). I figured if he wanted a pure sports car vs sports coupe, then he would be going for a Nissan 350Z test drive.
After all, both G35 Coupe and 350Z share the same platform and engine but one is more of a sports car (350Z) and another is sports coupe (G35).

6) I agreed that M-Coupe (240hp/236lbs torque) has faster acceleration than any 330Ci .... not because of extra 5hp but due to extra 14 lbs of torque. Torque drives 0-60 specs and Horsepower drives top speed.

At the big race track like Mosport, 0-60 numbers are not "AS" relevant, except when you are coming out of a hairpin corner like "5B". It is higher corners speed that make you faster "around the track" - meaning, tires and suspension setup. On top of all that (and much more other technical stuff), we would have to assume both cars are driven by drivers with the same/identical track experience.

7) Unless someone is building a dedicated track car, most people like and enjoy some features and additional equipment.
I was not implying tons of useless gadgets like on GM or other cars, just some extra equipment on one car vs another.

8) Yes, M Coupe always had a 3.2L. But in North America for Year 1999 and 2000 this engine produced 240hp and for Year 2001 later it produced 315 hp.... that's a fact.

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