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I think Alex makes some excellent points.

M coupe suspension is an old design and it doesn't feel as stable during high speed corning as the e46 330i/ci (or e36 328i for that matter). That being said, the more pliable suspension set up tranfers the chassis' weight nicely and I can corner faster in the coupe than in my 328i. The M coupe scares me sometimes because it's limits show earlier than any e46 I've driven. The track would demand stiffer springs.

As for acceleration there is no contest vs. 330ci. MC is faster. The S54 M coupe is only marginally faster than the S52 and that difference mainly appears above 150 km/h.

No back seat/creature comforts. Well this is a personal choice, you either want a sports car or a daily driver. If I could only have one car it probably wouldn't be an M coupe.

I never look to the internet for proof of anything.

ierrahh seems to be looking for more performance and I went down that road before and came to the conclusion that the e46 330 ci was not a significant performance upgrade over the e36 328i. (330 perf pack was not available back then).

ierrahh: Test drive an e36 M3 if you need a back seat.

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