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More things alex was incorrect about:

-> If you're going to use the 5.5-5.8 for the ZHP, at least use the lowest figures printed for the S52 Coupe. I've seen 5.1.

-> Who says that a more practical car is "better"? What if one does not need any more than 2 seats? The rear is just dead weight. If you're going to bring up the possibility of needing more seats, we'd all be driving minivans.

-> Your assumption that a stock ZHP will keep up with a stock S52 M Coupe on a track is laughable. It has a lower center of gravity, much less weight, more power, and a whole lot less filtering in its controls.

-> Compare features and equipment? What exactly are you driving a BMW for? Acura has plenty of features, see them.

-> Bigger engine? The M Coupe always had a 3.2L.

Anyways, you seem to judge cars based on acceleration and other numerical figures, which for all it's accuracy does not translate into real world judgement. ierrahh, drive all the cars you are interested in and make a judgement from there. Honesty, judging from your choice in heavy rims and concern for maintenance schedules and repairs, something like a G35 would be perfect. It's pretty clear that outright performance is not exactly your goal, so something more comfortable, more reliable, but still quick would fit your needs better.
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