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Originally Posted by carjoe View Post
That looks great but I'm disappointed in the install and the amount of fiddling required to get it right. I was really hoping to find something more plug and play-ish.

How's the sound? Better than OEM? Did you have DSP?

I dont' remember, did you keep the MID?
Install is ok if you make the decision NOT to keep the stock frame. The GUI is pretty crappy in the SD/DVD/IPOD functions. Sound is better than stock, I don't have DSP. I have the MID wires run to the glovebox but not connected. I'll just plug it in if I need to change the time.

It's not too bad... yet.

The AUX in has gotten a lot of use from my iPhone connection (3G back to Slingbox, yay!). Have to use that 6GB of data some how.

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