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Originally Posted by pawcio View Post
sure...but it probably won't be a bmw.

but on a serious note, its quite likely that the amount you save on a higher mileage car will need to be invested into its maintenance, whereas more expensive lower mileage cars will likely not require as much work and time. i love working on cars and on my car, but reliability saves time and money so i prefer to purchase cars that have lower mileage.
Every car I've bought that had mileage starting with 1xx,xxx has required significantly more repair then any car I've had with mileage starting with 2xx,xxx.

It comes down to the fact that things start wearing beyond their useful service life between 100,000km and 200,000km. I laugh at people who think a car with 125,000km is a better buy than a well maintained car with 200,000km.
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