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Great looking E90!

I guess i'll try and give my opinion on this.

1) I wouldn't care too much about this myself, but i do agree that they should have informed you that it's gonna take more time so you don't have to waste your time, and get all excited to pick up your car for nothing.

2)The mileage i would be a little ticked off cuz i would be expecting less than that unless they told me so in advance. 126km for a brand new car is a little high in my opinion.

3)The chip is something that would be hard to argue i think. There is no way of telling if it happened on the drive home, or if it was there prior to picking up the car. I personally would rather live with a small chip than to have the whole windshield replaced which might cause more serious issues in the future such as leaks.

4)I think that you should have a DVD in there somewhere unless they changed something that i don't know about.

Anyways, that's my .2 cents. Enjoy the car.
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