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Originally Posted by 3seriess View Post
i understand an older bmw may need some work hopefully under $1000 to get it in good condition but once thats done shouldnt everything be okay? i read that the E46 is really reliable compared to audi. As long as the car doesnt consistently give me issues then i dont see why i shouldnt go for it. Does
your car consistently give you issues? how much a year do
you think you spend on maintenance?
Saying BMWs are better than Audi's in reliability isn't saying much. Audi's seem to have much worse/costly issues.

As others mentioned BMWs can be nearly as bad, as can any car from any manufacturer. The issue is that German brands have more technology to go wrong when compared to Toyota. Also parts and labour are more expensive with German brands, though Ford and Toyota labour rates are getting pretty high as well.

Buying parts online/from the USA and doing the work yourself is key to keeping costs down.

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