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Originally Posted by Axxe View Post
So you're going to run non-offset arms with offset bushings? Is the net effect the same? The 96+ m arms are spendy.
Yup, only he's got solid offset "bushings". I ordered the same control arms with Kurt. Unfortunately I think one of the sets came damaged (one set didn't have the protective plastic around the ball joints and got ****ed around in shipping). I'm going to take pics today. I'll give the good set to Kurt if he needs them first while I wait for a new set which hopefully insurance should cover but I haven't heard back from the seller.

Anywhoo, I'm thinking of putting M3 offset bushings with these 95-m3 style control arms. I've spent a lot of time thinking about it and I can't see why if the 95-m3 can do it (which has the same shape control arms as 3-series), I can't do it. The only other player in here is the M3 spindles...

The way I see it in terms of caster (provided by the longer control arms/offset bushings) is: non-M < 95 m3 w/ offset bushings = 96 m3 w/ center bushings < 96 m3 w/ offset bushings.

96 m3 arms w/ offset bushings is what kurt's actually got on the m3 now and you can actually tell the wheel is further up in the wheel well, and I'm hoping this won't happen to me with the meyle hd arms (95 m3 replicas) with offset bushings.


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