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FS: E46 Technik ASA TM-12 Supercharger system

hey as the title says I am selling a ASA TM-12 Supercharger system for the e46 models. i'm selling the kit as im doing a motor swap and going another route. I bought the kit used and I have drove 5-8Km max this past summer (A55A5IN is the previous original owner) he used the kit for about 5K miles. The kit comes complete with everything you need to bolt it up except ECU that you need to send to Active or Rennsport to tune (Rennsport is cheaper but if you have mods like headers/cams ect AA can make you a custom tune but more expensive, I went this route as I had headers) For automatic cars, i will include the ASA tronic for no extra charge which means you dont need to tune the ECU anymore.

It comes with a stg 2 8.5 psi and a slightly smaller custom made 9-10.5 PSI pulley depending what mods you have (thanks to beanfree), upgraded Hyperboost blow off, 24LBS Bosch injectors, front mount ASA intercooler, Mike Benvo custom designed intake pipe (replaces the crappy one which was cracked easly). I had a custom tune by Active, It produced 290 hp/ 296 trq at the wheels on a dynapack but I do have headers/LSD (have dyno sheets to prove if you want)

I am asking $3000 NO less which is a very fair price so if you are going to try to low ball me don't even try as I priced it at a price where I will not sell it if I don't get what I am asking! Please email me at or PM me with any questions you might have.

****This kit will has a 323 mounting bracket but will fit all 3 series you just need to make a custom bracket/tune****

The kit is still on the car at my mechanics, Bimmersport. Once a buyer comes forward with a 250$ deposit I will have it removed at my cost. This is a pic of the kit when I got it, It will look the same when you get it along with a extra custom pulley/belt.

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