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Originally Posted by cormier View Post
As stated, you can remove the EMS from your current DME with a chip (I think there is also a wire snip process that works but don't quote me), or match the ignition with the donor car (PITA) to use your current DME. Or, you can get a red label 413 (they go for a fair bit of $$ now for this reason).

EWS prevents the motor from cranking at all and is probably your problem is you have a silver label and are unsure about the ews status.

Should be an easy fix!
Depends on the EWS ... the early ones will crank no problem, but won't fire.

If the car has not been changed, and all you did was swap in the engine and reused all the 325i sensors (including front mounted crank), there is no reason for it to not turn over. You missed a wire somewhere or something. Are you getting power to the Starter? Stupid question, but is the battery dead?

Some things to check:
- grounds, +12V wires, etc
- fuses, relays (could have blown during R&R)
- There is a fat black wire near the Diagnostic port, coming from the engine wiring harness ... it looks like ground. It's not, it's +12V and goes to the junction box (red wire under the black insulation). This powers the fuse box, so if you get it wrong, nothing will work.
- The 325 chip will run the car for sure, but it won't be optimized of course. You need a chip to take full advantage of the 2.8l
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