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Originally Posted by naplese30 View Post
Whats the life span of a turbo,,, maybee 100k if you let it warm up and cool down properly? Long term I dont like it at all, but you gotta love the torque of a turboed engine

Originally Posted by King Luis View Post
life span is much longer then that with factory turbo cars. they don't run much pressure stock. its when turbos start running 15psi and higher does the life span start to really shorten (depending on the turbo)
i doubt bmw's 8psi does anything at all on life span to the turbos.
so my next m3 will probably be turbo.

Wtf... Are you guys serious? I've had a turbo car in my driveway that had 300K on it. Everything original, it saw 20psi a couple times and took it like a champ.
85 325 - Turbo M52B28.
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