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750 Black Leather Interior Parts

I've been looking for 750 leather interior bits for a while now, finally found a decent set to start with. I got everything except the dashboard, for now.

Pool Table Pics, of course!

Trim under the steering wheel

Center Console

Passenger side corner piece

Trim above the glove box

Glove box

The leather has some minor wear on the center console and the glove box, but I plan on doing some leather restoration to bring it all back.

I was at the auto show over the weekend, and was sitting inside a new Jag, and noticed the stitching in the dash, which was a contrasting color to match with the seats.

Which got me thinking, if this could be applied to the pieces I have, and find a thread that matches the Vavona wood trim and get some contrast stitching.

I have contacted a few local shops that specialize in interior work to find out if any of this can even work.

I was planning on getting my black headliner along with the a,b,c pillers done sometime soon, so its the right time to do it all. I got another idea from my buddies Bentley Continental Flying Spur, which has an all black leather headliner with leather a,b,c pillers.

So let's see how this all pans out!
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