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why if honda has these 4 bangers with all this power . is the m10 to week . i know that the 6 has a lot of torque but is that much difference . the m10 from what i read has 105 hpw and 135 tpw the m50 is about 125 hpw and 170 tpw . your telling that you cant change cams and springs injectors etc on the m10 to do this ? im sure with some work it can put up at least 200 hpw and 200 tpw ? i read somewhere that they rebuild an m10 to about 160 hpw . you can buy it for 4000 i think . no one here has a m10 build up . i cant believe that all swaped them out . if so thats fine i like to be different anyway the car still needs alot of work . still havent fix the gas tank yet . so all you speed guys who live a 1/4 mile at a time i live 1-4 of a tank at a time . also my battery died again . and i notice now that my seat belt buzzer sounds . so now i need to find the fuse that gives it power to disconnect . but for now i just plug in the seat belt so that it will stop . if im wrong about the m10 i guess i would look in to the m50 swap .
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