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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Thats correct for the e36 parts.

However, I disagree with the e36 parts working 100% correctly.
Just you wait, my little friend, till I am done with mine (hopefully in this century).

But all kidding aside, Rudy is right. It will probably be impossible to get the caster 100% right, close, very close, but not perfect... not that you will ever notice the difference while driving... I think.

I (well, my mechanic) did it on my car and the only reason we did it is for stronger parts, it's a track car only. So far, everything seems to be OK. To get it perfect, I think, one will have to mod. the towers and we may do that, IF the car doesn't drive right... but that is a big IF.

I should take some pics, when I am in the shop next time. Rudy, let me know if you wanna see it at Arpi's.

There are a couple of good write-ups on the subject on R3V and Bimmerforums.
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