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The cost is strangely low, which is why I decided to get one. They seem to depreciate a lot here or something (??) I can get an immaculate single owner, full service history & < 70,000kms '94, '95 M3 for about double what a good 318is is of the same age. So I figure that's a good deal! Insurance is a lot more of course, but I'll have an M3

What's this about Eurospec?? Are there different versions of the same cars? We drive on the left side of the road here and I think we get our cars from the same shipments made for the UK market as they do the same over there. So the '94 has 46 bhp MORE than the later ones? And can you please explain this 'evo' that you mention. Is that a factory variant or some sort of after market mod? Thanks for the help, I originaly tried google but it wasn't much help with cars of this era. As for the autobahn, We have a race track in Sydney called Eastern Creek that is available for public use two weekends a month and BMW use it as the location for their driver training as well so no worries there. Plus we've got plenty of nice quiet winding country roads in our sparsely populated hinterlands, much more fun than autobahns I might have to spoil the lines of the beamer with a big bull bar to keep the 'roos off my bonnet though.
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