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Originally Posted by europrince View Post
So let me get this straight. Your gf has bad credit, can only get financing through a company like VFC Leasing, and is still late with payments? I hope you don't plan on marrying her because she'll **** your credit score up. This company sounds shady and sounds like they are trying to rip her off, but if she religiously paid on time, she wouldn't have an issue. Idea...preauthorize the payments and make sure her acct has money to cover! That way no abusive phone calls and absurd charges!
I'm talking late by a day, maybe twice in 3 or more years. Nothing to justify the kind of shit she is being served up. And the thread was not called "what's the secret to successfully repaying a loan?", so you can take your sage advice somewhere else. Come on buddy, you must think we're both a couple of morons if you're offering, "make sure you have money in your accout to cover the payment," as a response. The question was whether or not, despite making the payments, anyone else has been ripped off by VFC.

And to touch on the marriage comment - I would think that if you loved someone of many redeeming qualities and wanted to marry her but her credit score was the deal-breaker, then that says a lot more about you than it does her.
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