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Originally Posted by Axxe
Aren't you the faggot that spends more time shopping for jeans than girls?

Apparantly you can't read. Check again. Some people don't have the time to keep tabs over every single sub forum.

1. I posted the jeans thread after being in a mall for 30 minutes buying jeans. The last time I bought jeans was in August. I don't see a problem with that.

2. You call me a kid in another thread, but you go are the one going around calling poeple faggots simply for asking a question.

3. You also seem to have nothing better to do with your time than hate on poeple for nothing. Calling Dado a bad driver when he can probably drive a good 10 times better than you? Hating on Anthony because his parents are well off and can afford to give him a gift?

4. Your question doesn't make any sense? I spend more time "shopping for jeans than girls"? WTF? Do you go shopping for girls ?

5. Yeah I just saw that you replied now, is it that hard to just say that? You didn't reply to it for liek a week after posting so I thought you ignored it. Now instead of being polite and replying you just made yourself look like an immature asshole... good job

6. (In reply to what you said in the other thread) I have a stock exhaust on my car. DOn't you feel smart now?

7. (Also in reply to the other thread) I've posted around TWO rants in the last year I've been on this forum, they just happen to be around the same time. Are you really that hurt over it that you're telling me to go leave max because I posted a couple rants? Do you not know how to skip over a thread?

8. You still got owned in the other thread for being stupid and saying someone who's a great driver can't drive, so no need to take out your anger about that on me..
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