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Vtec just kicked in
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regardless ,the xdrive e90 328> e36 328.

and its great you dont believe me. I dont even have the car anymore. why would I make shit up?
its not 1989. I hope you realize stock e36 328's are 99% of the time 15(and 16) sec cars.
3100lbs and 190 hp... 16.3lb/hp
my civic stock
2600 lbs 160 hp
i had some bolt ons. never had a stock(or minor bolt on) 328 take me down. obviously drivers play a roll but doing some simple math proves my pt. I even took out a couple poorly driven e36 m3's.
(torque is useful for off the line...and besides the honda has a better torque curve and shorter gear ratios(higher torch output than longer gears) )
its like is 2001 all over again
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