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Thank you note

Thank you SickFinga. I was suspecting your view for what I've been reading and I found some shops on this side of the woods. BBA Reman in Concord, Ontario and XeModex in Mississauga. However, the module's casing does not have a label. The casing has a "BOSCH" marking on the top, but I don't see any numbers, even after I removed the connector. However, the metal part to which it is attached, I believe called the pump, has a similar number to what I've been reading: It is 0265 225 005 on the left side and 34 51-6 758 969 on the other side. These numbers may be related to the metal part only, but could provide clue as to what the actual module number is. Maybe after taking it off a number can be seen. And I agree with your suspicion that all it may need is a little bit of soldering and the repair is highly over-priced. If they can not come up with a reasonable price, I may go and open it myself. Am I correct in my recently learned view that this module functions for both, ASC and DSC? . I am starting to move with more confidence. Thanks again.
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