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I been through something similar however not on my BMW, it was on my ford ranger, I strongly suggest taking it to a proper mechanic who has the machine mentioned in previous posts before you or unqualified mechanics blow your lines.

I recently took my ranger to a cheaper mechanic first and he kept loading the system using the cans, telling me it was full of Freon, however what his gauge was reading was the pressure inside, and had nothing to do with how much Freon is inside..

when I took it to a proper mechanic, he instantly found the problem and fixed it. (I did have to pay to fill Freon twice, because there was a very small leak which wasn't detected using his machine, but he did mention this before we begun so I expected this, and yes the green dye helped finding where the leak was coming from)

If it happens that you need any used AC parts, let me know, I have all parts for a fully functional E39 AC (2003 530i), not yet listed on the forum or anywhere.
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