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Thank you! I am looking into having my mechanic look into it and replace it if it's bad.

I live close to work so my drives are short (10-15 minutes) long and in the winter that's a bad thing for the car. And I have a second car I depend on for other longer drives, so I know my E39's CCV is kind of abused with these short drives in the winter. This winter I saw this white foamy substance under the oil cap and on the tip of the dip stick, which can't be good! It went away after I went on a long drive.

Last week I had an oil change and now the car idles much better.

The only thing is that they say bad CCV causes black smoke. My car doesn't have black smoke from the exhaust. Only white smoke and it's gone now after the oil change of last week (I also did an engine oil flush before the oil change, so may be that's why the white smoke is mostly gone now.) But there is no black smoke!
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