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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
lol you people are funny.

there's a few good points in here, but the fact of the matter is real estate in toronto is expensive because rich people want to live here. that's not a bubble, its a high value commodity.

These prices are here to stay. houses in the west end where i grew up regularly sell in 3-4 days for 10-20% over asking and have done so for a while.

i understand the frustration, i can't afford a house here either, but being upset about it changes nothing.
Same vote. Although there are some outside forces like the articles I've linked. Although in the end it's not a biggie, but still makes living affordably here hard. I remember in high school when my parents sold their 2500sq home in Bowmanville to move into a smaller place in Oshawa. Sold it for like 275k and bought in Oshawa for 235k. Now on the street, lady sold her slightly bigger house for 635k. That's only been about 10 years. I know the 407 is having a huge affect on pricing out East and people who work downtown move out West. Even north of the city goes for 2mil+ in Klienburge and Vaughan. I think it'll be a condo life for me or renting. Either that or move out West as in Edmonton. Spending close to a million for a house when growing up you could buy a house in Durham for 300k (nice size 1800sq or so) and trying to live is just plain dumb. I know a few people who's parents helped them out but they are house broke. All they have is a house, but can't go out on Friday nights ect.
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