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The only time I've ever had something stolen from my luggage is by a cruise ship. I had put a special type of wire tie on the zippers before I left Houston. When I picked the luggage up in Rome, the wire tie was still intact. I handed the luggage to the cruise line and when it made it to my cabin, it had been tampered with. I lost a couple of minor items including some SD cards for my DSLR camera. If you have a firearm in your luggage, you must check it and lock the luggage and container inside the luggage that holds the firearm. The same with "firearm parts". So, even if I'm not flying with a firearm, I'll declare that I have one just so I can lock my luggage with a non-TSA lock.

One of the things that I noticed in Europe on a trip a couple of years ago is vendors outside the baggage checkin area that will plastic wrap your luggage. They put the luggage on a rotating table and wrap the luggage with the same sort of plastic wrap that companies use for wrapping palleted goods for shipment to stores.
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