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Originally Posted by summit425 View Post
I know USA cars are cheap compare to cars in Canada.

do you think it is worth it??

How much do you think I can save avg. (let's say $30000 CAD car)

I am thinking of buying an e46 from states and since I never bought such a big thing just want to know how does it process.

Will they help me to do the paper work when my car is crossing the boarder??
I recently started looking at this. I have a few friends that have purchased multiple cars over the years in the US and brought them over. I personally don't want to be involved in this process.

There is a company in St. Catherines that for $850 will do all the paperwork, goto the border, arrange recall letter and they even have dealer plates and can safety the car. Very professional and do up estimates before you get the car. They can even arrange shipping (~$500 from eastern seaboard down to mid states, approx ~1000 from FL and elsewhere).

Lets say for $2000 including shipping it takes a lot of headache away for me.

Saying that the extra money and 6% duty makes the cars nearly the same price. However you have the distinct advantage of cleaner southern cars and a LOT more choice.

If you want to get the best deal and its about saving money, be prepared to work and have a bit of frustration.
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