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Originally Posted by Gleb View Post
This is not crapping? So, if you're trying to sell a car or a part I can post in YOUR thread and offer my or my friend's car or parts? Good to know.
I was just offering a suggestion and ever mentioned another thing about it. If Max would allow editing of existing posts I would have removed it. I meant no foul by that post.

So far you are the only one breaking the forum rules here.

I answered this before, but you need to be reminded. You are NOT organizing this, you DO NOT know what the owner will or will not do, you are NOT in any way involved in this, yet you're giving an answer to a question that was not posted to you. How is that not crapping?
Again, it was just an informational post I even said right there that he should contact the dyno owner and see if arrangements can be made.

You are beginning to show that you're really just out to start something with me specifically. I never offended/defamed or crapped on you or anything you said. If you have a pre-existing disposition with me maybe you should solve this via PM because the only one taking this thread off topic here is YOU.

There was no correcting me, there was only your opinion.
You ARE crapping on my thread (see above). Not facts - opinion.
Anybody can post in my tread, nobody can crap in it.
Actually everything I have stated here IS fact, just because you don't know this to b e true for yourself or maybe you don't believe me because you have an issue with me doesn't make it an opinion rather then fact.

At this point I believe you should just let it go and not reply in this thread to me and I will return the courtesy just the same.

Good luck with your dyno day.
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