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Planning to play with molds, but molds require volume to offset the cost to produce. Which molds should I produce and I'm not making parts that require structural strength and finally companies like EAS (and numerous others) have made a business of wrapping parts. Another point is most "mass-produced" CF parts are now made in China (you can verify this point) and there is no way that I can compete with the chinese on costs and labour so I'm focused on making quality wraps for cosmetic enhancements to cars. My wraps are quality wraps with the highest quality control and visual appearance.

I'm focused on producing quality parts that rival the best molded parts. Another thing that I don't care for in molded parts is the way the manufacturers re-design the parts to make it easier to produce, but end-up eliminating the natural curves and flow of the piece in order to make easier to mold. The molded centre consoles I've seen for e46's are UGLY!!! My wrapping doesn't change the part's look or natural flow as it wrapped to the original part; maintaining all the features BMW engineers intended for it to have.

The molded parts I'm considering would be items like hoods where I can add a design element; like to the hood or other exterior parts.

Another issue is quality control. Once you move to molds, you loose the ability to control the fabric. Once vacuum is applied, the cloth is drawn onto part; you can't control fabric and you get the weave issues I keep hearing about.

By habd wrapping I can control the application of the cloth and make adjustments while laying cloth
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