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1991 318is

So, I bought this a couple weeks ago, in hopes to turn it around and save it.. It needs a bit more work than I anticipated.. I did however Just safety it.. So, its being sold certified and Its got a valid e test, which was done in june of this year...
Its got almost 300k on it.. runs decent.. Pops out of first gear the odd time..
Under the battery tray had already been welded up by the po, which has began to fall apart again.. I just threw some fiberglass in there to pass safety...
the driver side rear quarter had a rust spot, which i grinded down to metal, turned out to have a couple pin holes, so i threw some bondo on it..

be a decent winter beater, perhaps could be saved.. Floors are solid, minus the battery tray.. Brake lines were recently done.. has an mtech wheel, dash has cracks.. does not have sport seats, the driver seat is shredded..
Car has loads of good parts.. I dont even know what I should ask for it...
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