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Here is some insight on your 512's from a consumer
After wearing out my Falken 512s, i tried Dunlop FM901s and then switched to these Toyo Proxes 4 because the single ply sidewall on the Dunlops just lead to sloppy stearing response even after trying numerous PSI combinations(scary at speeds above 140km/hr). These Toyos are great on dry and and good on wet pavement, although standing water is ok=hydroplaning is unavoidable at higher speeds(120km/hr). This is NOT a tire u want to drive in snow but if your in a jam they will get you through it(with AWD anyways). Steering response is very precise (better than the Falken and much better than the Dunlop). The tire grip limit is easily predicited and breaks away smoothly. Ride comfort and noise are exceptional, best i have had yet. Overall these are great tires to drive from March to November when using a dedicated winter for the other months. BTW, if I had to rely on my bimmer during the winter months I would have snow tires on my car.

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