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E30 problems

Yesterday I was driving to school and deciding I would park at public transit and ride the metro the rest of the way to save some gas. I take a right onto a street going up hill hit the gas a little and I hear crusshhhhhhhhhh. I immediatly said what the hell, luckly I was near the station. I got out popped the hood looking for leaking fluids or anything. Saw nothing. Leaving the station I go about 10 feet at 10mph I hear the noise again. Well today I hear that same noise and a rurrrrrrrrrrrrr. I figure the later noise was my clutch because it's made that noise before and so did my moms before it bought the farm. I get home pop the hood to see whats up and my fan is not spinning. I'm thinking ok what the hell, this is not good. Revv the engine three times thinking that would get it to spin, no luck.

Fear of my car overheating or shutting down i think I will park her for a while.

So what does it mean when your fan doesn't spin and your car makes rurrrrr noises on take off and gear changes?
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