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Originally Posted by e30bim View Post
Sorry Rodo, I'm not saying there's a chance that he cannot afford to plop down $45k cash for the car, but it's very unlikely, in fact I will put down $1000 of my own money as a bet to say that he does not have that sort of $$$ lying around, even if it is parked in mutual funds, bonds or actively in the market. I personally am saying this as a person who grew up in a house with a father who is a CA and is the CFO of a large company. I was always told the best financial advise in terms of cars, if you cannot afford to pay cash for a car you shouldn't be driving it. I am not disagreeing for one second with you in regards to interest rates, and why not borrow money at a lower APR when you can park it in an investment that will yield higher returns, than putting it into a car which will depreciate in the long run and put you in the red.

I am just simply saying, there is a 95% chance in this case he is driving a car, which on paper he probably shouldn't be. He is the credit companies wet dream. He is not the Avg. Oakville VP pulling down $180k that doesn't know shit about cars, doesn't care about a huge motor (otherwise he would have got the 335i) and just wants to drive something new and stylish. He's a young guy probably living paycheck to paycheck and needs some pussy bait (probably doesn't have a gf), and is beating the shit out of the car.

My assumption is based on the fact that he is driving 218km/h riding the limiter probably on the qew or the 401 or 407 and is irresponsible; (and wanting to go faster). He is going to lose his license, or kill someone in only a matter of time. In this case, he was probably not the solid minded guy looking for a way to save money/invest money and thinking of his financial future.

Best case scenario, in 4 years he:

-Is alive
-Has a license
-Has some money left in his pocket
-Doesn't go over his km allowance by xx,xxx km
I'm sorry if I come across as an ass, but you're pathetic. All I came here for is a SIMPLE question of whether there is a way to take the limiter off.

You don't know

a) how old my friend is
b) where he drives the car (track/street)
c) how much money he makes
d) how much money he has in his bank account

Yet, you choose to assume all these things, and bash him for it? Hell he is not even on this forum so why would you bother? Even if he was, what business is it of yours how he handles his money ? I asked a question about BMWs in the GENERAL forum, not a question about what to do with money in off topic. Perhaps, he makes more than 180k a year? Perhaps he's an older person who tracks the car? Well guess what, you don't know, so why do you post all this bullshit? To start arguments for the hell of it ?

In fact, I'd like to take you up on your $1000 bet. Why don't we meet up and he can show his bank info to you, and you can hand him a grand.
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