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Originally Posted by e30bim View Post
Boots - Yeah you post alot and have a bigger mouth than you do a brain, a) because my name is "e30bim" doesn't mean that's all I drive. I have an e30 as a summer weekend car, my daily driver is an e36 328is that is fully paid for. It's strange that you think someone that can "only afford to drive an e30" is lower than you. I think you just offended half the board. If you had a brain, you would see that there are alot of e30's out there that are worth alot more than your car, not that it matters at all. You just wanted to chirp and be heard. Congrats on contributing about as much to the air as a hangover fart.
Excuse me? didn't I prove you wrong in the first part of my reply? I guess you missed that part.
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