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well. I see you think the idea of a colour changing paint is stupid but.
Reducing what i may like to childish name calling is not exactly an opinion it is name calling isn't it.I have no problem with opinions, just dumb name calling.
It may not be exactly what I end up getting but I always wanted a pearl paint job. I was more interested in what the drawbacks were not if you thought it looked "gay". but regardless, I want a nice ride and not be laughed at, so it may be a bit too much to have a complete colour change paint. Having a silver to blue paint is what I was after but they don't make it. So I am forced to choose another paint scheme.As I am not about to spent 1500 on a base coat alone to get that colour.
Other than how it looks , quailty of body and painter seem to be the biggest problem. I have just about completely stripped my ride to get ready for paint. Needless to say I am going to paint it.
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