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Originally Posted by topgearuk View Post
In that case, I apologize for misunderstanding and being defensive.

Once the weather clears up I'll take pictures and provide a comprehensive description (including a Vin#).

By joining this forum, my intention was not to create conflict but to learn and share experiences with other enthusiast.
No problem, we are all here to share and expand our knowledge (most of us).

You can find the options your car came with here:

M-Sport cars will typically have the following option codes:
P337A M Sportpaket M Sports package
S715A M Aerodynamikpaket M Aerodynamics package

There are cars that don't have the M Sport package but have some of the M options like:
S705A M Sportfahrwerk II M sports suspension II
S710A M Lederlenkrad M leather steering wheel

Some people see those options and mistakenly think it's an M Sport.
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