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Originally Posted by topgearuk View Post
I hope you're not referring to me as being ignorant. Did you read my above post? I clearly mentioned a lot more than then your m sticker and steering wheel!

Since you are being ignorant I will enlighten you!

SOME of the unique features of the Msport package:

1. M-Sport package P337A

2. Shadow line S339

3. M-Sports suspension II (only available with M-Sport) standard sport packages have M-Sport I

4. Various moldings with M logo

5. Black headliner (standard and sport pkg have white, M5 can have Alcantara)

6. M-sport bumpers.

In conclusion...

Lmao @ the irony here.

Pretty sure he was making a general statement not directed at your or anyone in particular in this thread. His post even directly agrees with the one you made before him.

Comprehension helps. Try it out.
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