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radiator/cooling system rebuild

I have owned my 03 e39 530i for 3 years. It has 118kms on it. When I bought it I changed the water pump, thermostat and a couple of hoses (among other things, ig coils, Vanos kit, all fluids, except tranny). This coming November or December I will becoming a snow bird in either TX or FL. Before I go I plan on getting the rad and hoses replaced, the fan clutch, fan. I don't want to get stranded due to warped engine.

I would like to go to the electric fan instead of the clutch type. Can anyone advise on where to get it and what involved ??

So, my list, so far looks like this:


all hoses
fan blades
clutch (with electric if possible).

What would be the better brands? I'm thinking Behr, so far for the rad, and OEM (BMW)for the smaller parts (unless you guys can suggest OEM that are as good.. Should the rad mounts also be changed -over ??

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated, including sources.

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