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Originally Posted by Discostar View Post
Are you talking about the show overall? or the BMW booth?

I would say as far as BMW is concerned their display was pretty disappointing. I spent more time with the MINI's. There was nothing that wasn’t there last year and the few of their cars you would care to see were locked anyway, so you couldn’t even sit inside, which says a lot.
I was there on Media Day, all the cars were open, I had the whole area to myself and I pretty much sat in every car except the i8 and i3, the Ms, the Gran Coupe and a few others.

Yea I forgot about the cars being locked on public days. But it's like visiting 20 dealerships in one day without being hassled by sales people, granted you don't get to sit in all cars, but you do get to see everything up close.

Originally Posted by defaultName View Post
Is there a story behind this pic...

I'm imagining her telling a Mustang fan to "Come at me BRO!!!"
The new Viper looks a lot like an Aston Martin from the rear.
That's Lucy Zilio from Omni, she was recording a clip for TV I assume. She was friendly and very talkative in person. That area was busy with everyone trying to tweet for the free hot wheel.
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