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As mentioned before check for rust, also Google for scrap yards in your area...they will come in handy for little stuff.
Once you get your e30 you will likely want to enjoy it, and to do this the following things need to be done (not in any particular order)

1 steering rack
2 front suspension overhaul
3 rear suspension overhaul
4 engine+tranny+diff overhaul...fluids and mounts
5 shifter overhaul

Basically you will need to change every part that contains rubber bushing, seal and a ball joint...this would dramatically increase smile on your face.

About 1000.00 worth of oem quality parts from Pelican Parts your free labour.

Remember this word - RUST. Cars without it worth paying premium over rust bucket with new control arms and e36 steering rack.
2004 BMW 325i, sedan, 5spd.
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