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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
However, I've worked on E30's enough now that all I'd care about is a clean shell because I can swap over the entire drive train from another car into a clean shell over a weekend lol

My first E30 was a rusty piece of shit and it was less effort to strip it and find a clean shell. Field strip whatever you buy and look for rust. Typical places for rust are:

-front floors (rot at corners, around gas pedal)
-battery box in trunk.
-battery box up front
-above gas tank under seats in rear
-trunk floor
-jack well
-around license plate

Take a phillips screw driver and a 10mm (iirc) nut driver or socket and pull out the kick panels to lift up the carpet and have a peek.

Also, if it's a diving board car, look that the bumper isn't gonna rot off.
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