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Originally Posted by ///Mmm View Post
Their inventory is bought already and if I understood correctly HPF is coming back ,maybe with another name.

Their product was unmatched so was their car preparation! Their kit really worked and they had customers all over the world spending serious money and trusting them, and they always delivered. Hope they come back
I think they tried too hard and expands too fast, they were carrying our stuff for a while but ran into serious logistic problem when they want to sell literally EVERYTHING for every single car out there and we had to pull the plug.

Also, Chris had been playing with Supra before HPF was formed, so most likely another incorporation will be form and sell under another name, most of the stuff they carry like most websites business they don't actually have it in warehouse, they sell it, then file PO with manufacture, then manufacture drop-ship most things.

Same thing with 360 forged and ADV1.
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