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My Progress Update

Originally Posted by Millad
Justin, how's your working out progress going?

Thought I change up the topic a bit. Considering your helping so many people with their excercise/diet routines.

Best of luck to you.
Thanks for asking. Unfortunately last weekend my nutrition went down the drain and I lost 6LB (from Fri - Sun). So I'm down to a very tiny 207LB. (I know.. I'm a bonerack!). However.. it's not really bothering me much, since my bodyfat also went down 2% and I know I didn't lose any strength on the weekend.

I started this thread exactly 2 months ago. (October 1st) to help get me focused and prepared for the first sunday of December. (2 weeks later). So I have spent the last two months perfecting my new workout routine, getting into my new time schedule, trying out some new recipies, and getting settled at work. (October 1st was also my day in my new position.)

So now I'm settled in, got my new time schedule, budget, everything all in place to begin my hardcore bodybuilding. When I say hardcore, it doesn't mean I'll be using drugs. But I will enter a completely new mindset where I eat, breathe, sleep, the gym. All e36 mods will come to a halt. All girls have now been cut off from social telephone calls, and all my friends now know my new time schedule. (when my phone gets turned off so I can have uninterrupted sleep.)

My avatar is lying. I've decided to make a new goal of 230lB instead of 240LB. All my necessary supplements have been ordered for the next 3 months. (protein powder, weight gainer, tribulus, creatine, shaker cups, coolers to bring food to work, etc.)

I have a body weight, body fat, body water scale. I will be measuring my progress weekly and graphing the ongoing results. If I notice I'm putting on too much fat, I will adjust my diet. If I notice I'm making too little gains, or its tapering off, I'll adjust my diet. This will also be a key role in determining when I have overtrained and should take a 4-5 day break before heading back into the gym.

I've attached an image of what my weekly progress graph looks like. Ideally the body fat + body water will remain a horizontal line. My body weight graph should incline at a steady pace. I've added an "ideal" gains graph so I can see if I'm overshooting, or undershooting my goals.

Take a good look at the graph and you'll understand what I mean:

note: when I made the graph I was at 211.5LB. The starting weight will change to whatever my weight is on Sunday.
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