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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
I would not buy a car from someone who post an ad like this, period. Also too lazy to replace signal bulbs (5 min job!) or brakes. Unless he spent $10K at a new engine from BMW, this is some kind of rebuild, which i would stay away from. Finding even a used 12 year old engine with 18K is also impossible.
+1 avoid this car. Definitely something wrong with the car if the seller can't be bothered to replace the burnt out lights. In some cases, the bulb fixtures would melt/short (BMW even had a recall in the USA for this). Replacing the fixtures at the dealer would likely be $300+
Engine swap also sounds fishy.

You can get a 2002-04 E46 between $5-8K these days with better histories that this car (at least in Ontario).

Here's his info, which you may already have.
Zaibullah Nyeazi (403) 272-4228
606 Saddlecreek Way NE Calgary AB T3J4A4

2002 E46 325ci // 5spd // ISC N1 Coilovers
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