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Leak from engine...need some ideas of what it is

Great, so this is what I needed to start off the summer. As I was driving off my driveway this morning I noticed a puddle from under my car,,, thought maybe it rained since the liquid looked like water not oil. I didn’t have time to look at it so I drove to work…then I checked underneath my car at lunch and a little puddle was there. I smelt and touched the substance and it didn’t seem like oil or ac fluid since I haven’t turned my ac on yet. The liquid seems very watery but something is dripping. Any ideas what this can be? I’m going to jack he car up today after work but I just need help with any ideas what else it might be. I checked oil level and it’s the same as I changed it last week. I also checked my coolant and it seems a little low but nothing exaggerated. Please help with any ideas.

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